How Norby works

New stories delivered daily
Norby's ears light up and pulsate when there's a new story available.
Every story contains a lesson
The best type of learning happens when kids are having fun.
Lessons cover all elements of English
Designed by experts to cover core fundamentals.
Grows with your child
Lessons grow with your child from 4 to 10 years old.
Positive feedback and encouragement
Norby's feedback keeps kids emotionally engaged in learning.


Powerful Brain
High performance quad-core ARM processor
Color touchscreen
Full-color HD capacitive touchscreen
Secure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Computer Vision
High resolution front facing camera
Speakers & Microphone
Stereo speakers and microphone array
Battery powered
High capacity Li-Ion battery pack
Sensors galore
Light, Touch, Proximity, & Motion sensors
Motorized movement
Motorized head movement with 2 DOF (degrees of freedom)
Color LEDs
Emotive RGB LED lights
(2 in ears & 1 in chest)

Works best with parents

What's in the box

Customers tell us why they purchased

I’ve ordered Norby for my daughter Chloe.

She also finds it hard to concentrate with her homework. She’s just had her first year of school and shown some slight signs of dyslexia.

I too have the same thoughts about the out dated education system so was keen to try something different at home. Anything to help make education easier and more fun is huge.
Amanda S
I want to inspire my granddaughter to embrace robotics.
I want her to read more with Norby (and reduce her addiction to YouTube!).
Ernest W